Good Kids, Tough Choices. How Parents Can Help Their Children Do The Right Thing

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A practical analysis and inspiring guide for teaching kids «ethical fitness» Parents are beginning to realize that deficiencies in ethics and character are becoming a big problem among our nation's children

According to the latest data, lying, cheating, and rampant insensitivity to other people are increasingly common

Encourages parents to intervene early and re-establish children on the right course Explores the keys to ethical behavior honesty, responsibility, respect, fairness, and compassion All of Kidder's practical advice is based on the latest psychological and neuroscientific research about how kids develop character and learn what's right and wrong.

He encourages parents not to give up, since what they do can always make a difference, regardless of how long or deep the bad habits of dishonesty may be

What can parents do In this book, ethics expert Rushworth Kidder shows how to customize interventions to a child's age and temperament